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Several Tools for Server Admins

Use this tools as your own risk.

URL Shortener

This is a very short domain.
Let's go to use it.

let's go to short!

Image Quality

This is an usefull tool for download the quality of your images.

let's go to resize!

File Encryptor X

Send your files crypted. Protect your information with the U.S. Military Algorythm.

we are working on it!

It's Awesome for Developers

This tools are frequently used by our technicians and programmers everyday.
We use code and resources from developers all around the world in our projects, and with this tools we want to do a present to the community.
It's a simple way for us of thanksgiving.

Your Data in Cloud

We use our servers to keep your data in the cloud if you wish. All our resources free of charge for the community.

Monthly Rewards

If you like our tools, all months we have rewards for our users. You only need to send us a comment. Maybe, you'll be lucky.

24/7 Support

If you have a professional package, you get all our support from our datacenter technicians. But remember... you use this tools at your own risk, so support is only about the use of our tools.